Determining usage of the shared drive

This article describes several ways to check the current usage of the shared drive from a VM or from an FTP client. Any Skytap or administrator can perform these actions.


Determining usage from a Windows VM

By mapping the shared drive as a network drive, you can see the total drive capacity and how much of the capacity is in use. The mapping process differs between Windows versions.

For example, from a Windows 7 or 2008 R2 VM:

  1. Navigate to My Computer.
  2. Click the Map Network Drive button along the upper edge of the window.
  3. Choose an appropriate drive letter (such as “F:”).
  4. For the Folder field, enter \\gw\shared.

Determining usage from a Linux VM

View usage from smbclient or Nautilus on a Linux VM. For more information about installing these tools, see Adding and sharing files with the shared drive.

  • smbclient

    Type du to display the current usage of the shared drive, as well as its total capacity.

  • Nautilus

    To display current and total use, view the folder properties by pressing Alt + Enter.

Determining usage from an FTP client

How you determine usage via FTP depends on which program you use. Most programs display current capacity of highlighted folders in the user interface. For instance, FileZilla displays current capacity below the pane displaying the shared drive contents:

FTP usage