Skytap mobile app for iOS and Android

The Skytap free mobile app (Skytap Admin) makes it easy to perform quick troubleshooting and incident-response tasks in Skytap from your mobile device.

  • If you are an administrator, use Skytap Admin to quickly view and manage Skytap quotas, users, departments, and environments.
  • If you are a user manager, standard user, or restricted user, use Skytap Admin to view and manage the Skytap virtual environments you have access to. Note that you cannot access sections of the app that require administrator-level permissions (for example, the sections for managing users and departments).


Skytap Admin is a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices.


To download the app, use the links below:

Skytap Admin for Android

Download from Google Play:

Requires an Android device running version 4.3.1 (Jelly Bean) or newer

Skytap Admin for iOS

Download from the Apple App Store:

Requires an iPhone version 4, 5, or 6 (any model) running iOS version 7+

Signing in

After installing Skytap Admin, sign in using your Skytap username and password.

Skytap Admin does not recognize SAML authentication at this time. If your account is set up with SAML, please use your API security token instead of your password (see Finding your username and API security token).

Skytap Mobile Sign-in

Using the mobile app

Skytap Admin helps users and administrators access and manage environments. Administrators can also perform common administrative actions from the app.

Available tasks for managing environments and VMs (users and admins)

Users and administrators can use Skytap Admin to:

  • View environment and VM details.
  • View a thumbnail version of each VM console screen.

    You can’t access the VM console using Skytap Admin.

  • View environment and VM “operation failed” or “quota violation” errors.
  • Run, suspend, shut down, or power off environments and VMs.
  • Create and copy environments.
  • Delete environments and VMs.
  • Assign a new or copied environment to an existing project.
  • Search environments list using the environment name or ID.
  • Review your environments using a range of filter and sort options.
  • Send an email or text message with environment details.
  • Filter environments by project.
  • Configure an environment’s auto-suspend settings.

Available tasks for managing users and limits (admins only)

Administrators can also use Skytap Admin to perform the following tasks:

  • View information about departments and users.
  • Edit company, department, and user limits.
  • Resend user account activation links.
  • Change an environment owner.
  • Choose limit units (MB, GB, or TB).

Updating the mobile app

Skytap regularly releases application updates to introduce new features and fix previously reported bugs. The App Store and Google Play notify you about updates to the mobile app.

Using an API security token with the mobile app

As an optional feature, Skytap Admin can cache your API security token and use it to authenticate your mobile application sessions. API security tokens can provide greater account security; in the event that your phone is lost or stolen, reset your API security token from the Skytap web interface to invalidate your current mobile session.

To use an API security token with Skytap Admin
  1. If you are an administrator, enable API security tokens across your account. For more information, see Setting access policies. If you are a user, work with your administrator to have this enabled.
  2. Sign in to Skytap Admin using your account username and password. After you sign in to Skytap Admin, future sessions automatically authenticate with your security token. You do not need to manually enter your API token.
  3. If you sign out of the app, or if your API security token changes, you must sign back into Skytap Admin using your username and password.

Launching the mobile app from email notifications

Skytap email notifications are useful alerts that can help you monitor limited account resources like Metered RAM, storage, and networks. Notification emails include relevant details (such as environment and VM name), as well as direct links to environments. Skytap Admin users have two access options in their notification emails: Website and Mobile App.

If you have the iOS app:

  • The Website link launches your web browser.
  • The Mobile App link launches the Skytap Admin app.

    The Mobile App link launches Skytap Admin only from within Apple Mail emails.

If you have the Android app:

  • The Website link launches the mobile app.

For more information about setting up email notifications, see Setting up usage notification emails.

Troubleshooting and support

Skytap Admin is a fully-supported application. If you experience issues, please use the in-app Support features or contact

If you want to provide feedback or request a new feature for the mobile app, please contact