Which VM operating systems does Skytap Cloud support?

Supported VM operating systems

Skytap Cloud supports a wide range of popular operating systems for your virtual machines, including:

x86 Power
Windows AIX*
Ubuntu Ubuntu Server
CentOS SUSE Enterprise Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux

* Minimum supported AIX versions:

  • 6.1 TL 9 SP 10
  • 7.1 TL 4 SP 4
  • 7.2 TL 1 SP 2


  • Skytap provides some VMs with pre-installed operating systems in the public template library. Skytap also provides blank public templates for Windows, Linux, and AIX that help you install custom Windows versions and Linux distributions. To bring your own licensed x86 or Power VMs into Skytap Cloud, see our import tools.
  • Licensing for AIX is included with your Skytap Cloud subscription. For other OS license requirements, see Licensing the guest OS.
  • To validate that a specific operating system or version is supported, contact Skytap Support at support@skytap.com.

Unsupported VM operating systems

There are some operating systems that Skytap Cloud is unable to support:

macOS (OS X)

Skytap Cloud can’t support macOS as a guest operating system on any virtual machine, because of Apple’s license agreement and hardware requirements.

IBM i on Power

Skytap Cloud doesn’t support IBM i on Power VMs.

OEM operating systems

Skytap Cloud does not support OEM versions of operating systems (such as a Dell installation of Windows). OEM operating systems require specific hardware and come pre-loaded with proprietary drivers. You may experience issues if you use a VM conversion tool (such as VMware Converter) to convert a physical machine with an OEM OS to a virtual machine and import it into Skytap Cloud. Some users have found workarounds on the Internet to force VMware to load the BIOS of the original OEM machine. These workarounds are not supported by VMware or by Skytap Cloud. If you attempt to import a VM containing these types of VMX alteration lines, the Skytap Cloud VM Import tool removes them.