Radware Alteon public template

Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) is a fully-featured Alteon Application Switch packaged as a virtual appliance. Alteon VA runs on server virtualization infrastructure, providing identical functionality to Alteon physical ADC devices. Its features include local and global server load balancing, Layer 7 capabilities and application acceleration. A free, fully licensed version is built in to the Radware Alteon template.

Template location


  • Alteon VA is a free, fully featured virtual server load balancer supporting up to 1Mbps of throughput. Additional specifications can be found here.
  • Licensed up to 1G of throughput
  • Same functionality, version and command line as physical Radware/Alteon load balancers, allowing for easy migration from Skytap development to a Radware hardware based platform

Template contents

The Public Template contains the following VMs:

  • 1 VM running a fully-licensed copy of Radware Alteon VA version
  • 2 Linux web servers, named “Application 1” and “Application 2”
  • 1 Linux Desktop for Alteon management

Use cases

You can securely access load balanced web servers behind an Alteon VA. Access can be either through Skytap port forwarding (published services) or an assigned public IP address.

Getting started

The Radware Alteon public template is preconfigured with the necessary ruleset to perform secure round-robin load balancing between ‘Application 1’ and ‘Application 2’. Any VM can be substituted for the provided Linux servers. To perform a load-balancing test, perform the following steps:

  1. From within the Skytap environment select Settings.
  2. Select VM Settings.
  3. Select Radware Alteon VM.
  4. On the Default Network, select Show Published Services.
  5. Copy the full URL and navigate through a local web browser.
  6. Observed behavior should be a splash screen for “App Server 1” refreshing your browser after a few seconds should automatically direct you to “App Server 2.”

Next steps

Add additional application servers from the public templates, or substitute the existing Linux servers with your own custom servers.

A network diagram is as follows:

Radware Diagram

Installation Guide: Alteon VA Installation Guide

Support: http://www.radware.com