Automating actions with schedules

Schedules let you automate complex operations on environments and templates. For example, use schedules to do the following:

  • Start a test environment in the morning and suspend it at the end of the work day.
  • Create an online training class environment from a template at 9 AM and suspend it at 5 PM, every weekday.
  • Create a 30-day demo environment for a customer and delete it after 30 days.

A schedule will start at the date and time you specify. When the schedule is finished, it’s automatically deleted and a notification email is sent to you.


  • Each customer account can have up to 14,000 schedules.
  • The Suspend power state is available only for x86 The most common type of CPU for Windows and Linux VMs in Skytap Cloud. VMs. Supported power states for Power A particular type of CPU that supports AIX and Linux in Skytap Cloud. VMs are Run, Shut Down, and Power off.

Edit schedule details

Working with schedules