Using Skytap public assets

Skytap public assets are useful files designed to help you build and run your virtual machines. Skytap public assets are shared with all users by default.


Types of public assets

Skytap hosts several files in the public assets library:

  • VMware Tools – a utility that should be installed on a machine prior to importing it into Skytap. Re-installing VMware tools can also fix some common VM problems.

  • Skytap Helper – a service that should be installed on all Windows VMs. Skytap Helper:

  • gparted-live – a boot ISO that you can use when you need to boot your VM from something other than the boot partition (such as when you’re are trying to increase the size of the main boot partition).

Downloading public assets

Public assets can be downloaded to a VM. For instructions, see Downloading files to a VM or local computer from the Assets page.

Restricting access to Skytap public assets

Public assets are shared with all users by default.

  • To remove a user’s access to public assets, see Editing users.
  • To restrict a user’s access to specific public assets, remove the user’s access to public assets (Editing users), and then share the public asset with the user via a project. For more information about projects, see Sharing resources with projects.