Skytap integration for Canvas

The Skytap integration for Canvas is a new Canvas application that gives students access to on-demand Skytap lab environments during their self-paced training courses. This application automates the steps for creating and managing virtual lab environments, allowing students to quickly provision their own lab environments for applied, hands-on training.

With the Skytap integration for Canvas, instructors add Skytap module(s) to a Canvas LMS course. When the student clicks Create Lab in a Skytap module, the Skytap integration for Canvas automatically:

  • Provisions the lab environment based on a Skytap template.
  • Starts the VMs in the environment.
  • Provides the student with sharing portal access to the lab environment.

    • If the environment already has one or more sharing portals defined, the application displays the links to these sharing portals in the module.
    • If the environment does not yet have a sharing portal, the application creates a sharing portal with use permissions (for each VM) and displays the access link in the module.
  • (Optional) Deletes the lab environment at a specific time or after a certain number of hours, days, or weeks.

unstarted module item

Canvas course module with a Skytap lab environment

The Skytap integration for Canvas is an LTI-compliant application.

Getting started

To get started, a Canvas administrator must install and configure the Skytap integration for Canvas.

Then, instructors can add lab environments to Canvas course modules.