Using the class management view to deliver the class

The class management view provides instructors with access to all of the student lab environments in a class. This link helps you monitor student lab environments and assist students throughout the class.


How to access the class management view

To access the class management view
  • Click the URL access link sent to you by a Skytap administrator. The link includes the access code.

    For example:


  • If you have Classrooms extension access, click View class from the Classes page or a Class Details page.

class management

Classes page

Supported actions

1 View all of the student lab environments in the class.

Note that your view may not match the student’s view of each lab environment. Instructors have full visibility and control of all VMs in the class; students may have restricted VM permissions, runtime limits, or date/time access limits.

To see a lab environment from the student’s perspective, open the student’s access link. The student access links are available in the class CSV report (see item 4 below).

2 Start, stop, or suspend VMs.

If the student does not have full control of a VM, you may need to start, stop, or suspend the VM for the student. For more information, see Power options.

3 View and use each VM.

Click the VM desktop to launch the SRA browser client. For more information about using the browser client to interact with a VM, see Accessing VMs with your browser.

The CSV report includes the student access links for each environment.

5 Toggle between a tile and list view of the VMs.

The tile view is displayed in the example screenshot. List view may be more useful for large classes.

annotated classrooms

Class management view

How to troubleshoot issues during a class

From the class management view, you can help verify or troubleshoot student issues. For example, if a student can’t connect to a VM, try connecting to the VM through the class management view; this can identify whether the issue is with the student’s computer or with the VM.

For assistance with common issues, see the sections below:

Issues with connecting to a VM or with slow VM performance

Students can solve most connectivity and performance issues with our self-guided troubleshooting assistant (TM_Home.html). To preview this troubleshooting assistant, click below.

Start troubleshooting

If the student cannot resolve the issue with the troubleshooting assistant, contact Skytap Support via the support page or via email at []( Include:

  • The name of the company you’re working with.
  • A detailed description of the issue.
  • The troubleshooting steps taken to date.
  • The URL of the environment or sharing portal page. The URL is listed in the address bar of the browser.

    (For example:…)

Issues with the VM operating system or applications installed on the VM

Work with your Skytap administrator to resolve issues with:

  • Missing or incorrect usernames and passwords for the VM operating system or applications on the VM.
  • Applications or databases on the VM that won’t load or that don’t work properly.

Skytap Support does not manage data, accounts, or applications within the VMs.

Other issues

For other helpful articles, see:

How to edit the class

If you are Skytap user who owns the class in the Classrooms extension, you can edit an In Progress class to:

If you do not have access to edit the class, work with your Skytap administrator to make changes.

Help for first time Skytap users

If this is your first time using Skytap, check out the following video on using shared environments.

While this video is primarily intended for students, it provides basic information about running VMs and using the SRA browser client to interact with VMs.

After the class

If you are Skytap user who owns the class in the Classrooms extension, see Clean up and report at the end of a class.