Skytap Cloud Classrooms extension

The Skytap Cloud Classrooms extension simplifies the process of creating, delivering, and deleting training lab environments with Skytap.

The Skytap Cloud Classrooms extension adds lab and class management features to your Skytap account. To learn more about pricing, contact your Skytap sales representative.


Classrooms extension overview

The Classrooms extension introduces a dedicated web interface and REST APIs for:

  • Automatically provisioning, running, and deleting lab environments based on class schedules you define.
  • Performing the bulk operations needed to create multiple lab environments from the same template and add student access links for each environment.
  • Reusing the same template, VM permissions, and custom content settings for multiple classes.
  • Providing instructors with a class management view for each class that:

    • Displays all of the student lab environments from one window.
    • Grants instructors full access to their students’ lab environments.

The Classrooms extension adds new resources to your Skytap account, including courses, classes, student labs, and a class management view.

  • Courses are blueprints for future classes. You define a course once and then reuse it to schedule multiple classes that share similar settings (including the Skytap template to use for the student labs, the student permissions for each VM in the template, custom content shared in the lab, etc.).
  • Classes are scheduled, customized instances of a course. The class includes a start and end date, a lab environment for each student, and a class management view for the instructor. The Classrooms extension automatically creates and manages the student lab environments based on the class schedule.

To learn more about these resources, see Classrooms extension terms and concepts

classrooms overview

How to create and deliver classes

Depending on your organization, the process for creating and delivering classes may involve multiple people, or just you!

There are several major steps:

Click any of the above links for detailed instructions about completing a step in the process. Or, for a more detailed overview of the whole process, see Process overview.

Who has access to the Classrooms extension?

After your Skytap customer account is enabled for the Classrooms extension:

  • All administrators in your account are automatically given full access to the Classrooms extension.
  • Administrators can give standard users and user managers access to create courses and classes with the Classrooms extension.
  • Instructors without Skytap accounts can be given access to the instructor management view on a per class basis.

Skytap users and administrators with access to the Classrooms extension have an additional navigation item in the Skytap toolbar. This lets you switch between the Main Skytap view and the Classrooms extension view.

Toggle between Classrooms and Main view

For more information, see Managing access to the Classrooms extension.

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