Supported operating systems for Skytap VMs

Skytap supports VMs that run the operating systems listed on this page.

Skytap doesn’t provide support for the operating systems themselves.

Supported VM operating systems

Skytap supports FreeBSD, Linux, NetWare, Solaris, VMware, Windows, AIX, and Linux on Power for virtual machines.

Operating SystemCPU TypeHW version
Operating SystemCPU TypeHW version
Asianux 332-bit64-bit1110987
Asianux 432-bit64-bit111098
Asianux 564-bit11
CentOS 432-bit64-bit1110987
CentOS 532-bit64-bit1110987
CentOS 632-bit64-bit111098
CentOS 732-bit64-bit1110
CentOS 832-bit64-bit11
Debian GNU/Linux
Debian GNU/Linux 432-bit64-bit1110987
Debian GNU/Linux 532-bit64-bit1110987
Debian GNU/Linux 632-bit64-bit111098
Debian GNU/Linux 732-bit64-bit1110
Debian GNU/Linux 832-bit64-bit11
Oracle Linux
Oracle Linux 432-bit64-bit1110987
Oracle Linux 532-bit64-bit1110987
Oracle Linux 632-bit64-bit1110987
Oracle Linux 764-bit1110987
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.11110987
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 332-bit64-bit1110987
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 432-bit64-bit1110987
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 532-bit64-bit1110987
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 632-bit64-bit11109
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 732-bit109
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 764-bit11109
SUSE Enterprise Linux
SUSE Enterprise Linux 832-bit64-bit1110987
SUSE Enterprise Linux 932-bit64-bit1110987
SUSE Enterprise Linux 1032-bit64-bit1110987
SUSE Enterprise Linux 1132-bit64-bit1110987
SUSE Enterprise Linux 1232-bit109
SUSE Enterprise Linux 1264-bit11109
Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu Linux 32-bit64-bit1110987
Operating SystemHW version
NetWare 5.11110987
NetWare 6.x1110987
Operating SystemCPU TypeHW version
Sun Microsystems Solaris
Sun Microsystems Solaris 81110987
Sun Microsystems Solaris 91110987
Oracle Solaris
Oracle Solaris 1032-bit64-bit1110987
Oracle Solaris 1164-bit111098
Operating SystemHW version
ESX 4.x111098
ESXi 5.x111098
ESXi 611
ESXi 6.511
Operating SystemCPU TypeHW version
Windows Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server32-bit1110987
Microsoft Small Business Server 200332-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows Server 200332-bit64-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Data Center32-bit64-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard32-bit64-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Web Edition32-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows Server 200832-bit64-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R264-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows Server 201264-bit111098
Microsoft Windows Server 201664-bit1110
Microsoft Windows Server 201964-bit1110
Microsoft Windows Server 202264-bit1110
Windows Desktop
Microsoft Windows 200032-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional32-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows XP Professional32-bit64-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows Vista32-bit64-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows 732-bit64-bit1110987
Microsoft Windows 832-bit64-bit111098
Microsoft Windows 1032-bit64-bit1110

Skytap doesn't provide Windows desktop templates.

Operating System
V7R2M0 (IBM i 7.2)
V7R3M0 (IBM i 7.3)
V7R4M0 (IBM i 7.4)
V7R5M0 (IBM i 7.5)
Operating System
6100-08 (AIX 6.1 TL8)7100-02 (AIX 7.1 TL2)7200-00 (AIX 7.2 TL0)7300-00 (AIX 7.3 TL0)
6100-09 (AIX 6.1 TL9)7100-03 (AIX 7.1 TL37200-01 (AIX 7.2 TL1)
7100-04 (AIX 7.1 TL4)7200-02 (AIX 7.2 TL2)
7100-05 (AIX 7.1 TL5)7200-03 (AIX 7.2 TL3)
7200-04 (AIX 7.2 TL4)
7200-05 (AIX 7.2 TL5)
Operating System
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Power)
Operating System
SUSE Enterprise Server (Power)
Operating System
Ubuntu Server (Power)


  • Skytap provides some VMs with pre-installed operating systems in the public template library. Skytap also provides blank public templates for Windows, Linux, and AIX that help you install custom Windows versions and Linux distributions. To bring your own licensed x86 or Power VMs into Skytap, see our import tools.
  • Licensing for AIX is included with your Skytap subscription. For other OS license requirements, see Licensing the guest OS.

Unsupported VM operating systems

There are some operating systems that Skytap is unable to support:

macOS (OS X)

Skytap can’t support macOS as a guest operating system on any virtual machine, because of Apple’s license agreement and hardware requirements.

OEM operating systems

Skytap doesn’t support OEM versions of operating systems (such as a Dell installation of Windows). OEM operating systems require specific hardware and come pre-loaded with proprietary drivers. You may experience issues if you use a VM conversion tool (such as VMware Converter) to convert a physical machine with an OEM OS to a virtual machine and import it into Skytap. Some users have found workarounds on the Internet to force VMware to load the BIOS of the original OEM machine. These workarounds aren’t supported by VMware or by Skytap. If you attempt to import a VM containing these types of VMX alteration lines, the Skytap VM Import tool removes them.