Shipping VMs to Skytap with the Advanced Import Service

For excessively large images or for bulk imports, you can ship physical media to Skytap.

There may be a fee for this process; please contact your Skytap sales representative for more information.

Complete the following steps to send physical media to Skytap
  1. Contact Skytap Support.

    Contact Skytap Support at prior to shipping the device. This will generate a support case to track your request. Skytap Support will respond with additional information to continue the physical import process.

  2. Prepare the hard drive.

    We recommend that you use an external USB hard drive to both process your VMs and to ship them to Skytap. The hard drive should be formatted in either NTFS or EXT3. Skytap recommends the use of full drive encryption of your physical media. For NTFS filesystems, Skytap recommends Microsoft BitLocker.

    Additionally, we recommend the following when encrypting your drive:

    • Specify password-based access for your encrypted drive.
    • Please provide this password to Skytap Support once we have confirmed receiving your drive.
    • Store your recovery key in a safe location in case it’s needed.
  3. Copy the VMs you want to import onto the hard drive.
    • Load a copy of the images onto the hard drive uncompressed (you don’t need to follow the OVA or 7-zip instructions in the Preparing VMs for import guide).
    • The VMs must be in one of the file formats listed in Preparing VMs for import.

      Place each image in its own directory on your hard drive.

  4. Ship the hard drive to the address provided by Skytap Support.

    Please insure the package. Skytap isn’t responsible for lost or damaged media.

  5. Reply to the support case email with your shipment details.

    Let us know if you would like us to destructively wipe your drive prior to returning your media.