Troubleshooting the Advanced Import Appliance

Updating the Advanced Import Appliance

If you are experiencing issues with the Advanced Import Appliance, try updating the container.

To update the Advanced Import Appliance container

From a terminal, type the following command:

docker pull skytap/advanced-import-appliance:latest

If you see an error message that indicates that there isn’t enough space on the hard disk, type the following command to clean up stale Docker images:

docker system prune

Permission error

If you see the following error message, you may need to change the permissions or the owner of the directory that maps to /mnt/import_support:

{ [SequelizeConnectionError: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file
  at Database.connections.(anonymous function).lib.Database.err (/usr/local/wfe/import/node_modules/sequelize/lib/dialects/sqlite/connection-manager.js:61:34)
  name: 'SequelizeConnectionError',

Unknown macro: { Error}

Unknown macro: { Error}

For example, if import_support is mapped to /srv/skytap, either:

  • Change the permissions for /srv/skytap to allow write access for all users:

    sudo chmod 777 /srv/skytap


  • Change the owner of /srv/skytap to allow write access to the logged in user:

    chown {user account}/srv/skytap