Finding the SFTP host address and credentials for the shared drive

The SFTP credentials are used to transfer files to and from the regional Skytap shared drives in your account.


  • Skytap doesn't support unsecured FTP connections; use SFTP.
  • External SFTP access to shared drives may be disabled by your administrator. This doesn't affect VM access to the shared drive. VMs can still access the shared drive in the same region.
  • The Shared drive access section of your account page displays only regions that have SFTP access enabled for shared drives.
  • Administrators can request changes to SFTP access from the Skytap Support portal.
To locate the SFTP host address and credentials for each region in your account
  1. Click my account (Go to your account) in the top toolbar of any page. Your account page displays.

    Account page

  2. Navigate to the Shared drive access section.

    Shared drive SFTP information