Virtual Hardware


Q: How many virtual CPUs can I allocate to a single IBM i LPAR?

A: A Skytap IBM i LPAR can support up to four (4) vCPUs.

Q: How much CPW can I allocate to a single IBM i LPAR?

A: A Skytap IBM i VM can have between 1,875 and 7,500 CPW, depending on the number of vCPUs allocated to the VM.


Q: How much RAM can I allocate to a single Skytap IBM i VM?

A: The maximum RAM for a Skytap IBM i VM is 512 GB.


Q: How much storage can I allocate to a single Skytap IBM i VM?

A: Depending on the Skytap region, a single Skytap IBM i VM can have up to 16 TB (EMEA) or 32 TB (US-West, US-Central) of storage.

Q: How many LUNs can a single Skytap IBM i VM have?

A: By default, a single Skytap IBM i VM can address up to 16 LUNs. If you need to address additional LUNs, contact Skytap Support.

Other hardware

Q: Does Skytap support hardware encryption cards?

A: Skytap does not support hardware encryption cards. One possible solution is to use software encryption, such as ACSP, though this might require changes to your software architecture.


Q: What regions can I use IBM i VMs in Skytap?

A: IBM i is available in the following Skytap regions:

OS Versions

Q: What IBM i versions does Skytap support.

A: Skytap currently supports the following IBM i versions:

  • 7.2 TR9
  • 7.3 TR5
  • 7.4


OS Licensing

Q: How do I activate IBM i licenses for a Skytap IBM i VM?

A: Every Skytap IBM i template comes pre-licensed with the following packages:

Optional license:

  • PowerHA Enterprise Edition

Other licensing

Q: How do I license IBM MQ or other IBM software to work on Skytap?

A: You can license IBM software purchased through Passport Advantage for use on Skytap. This is documented in the service description for IBM Cloud on Skytap Solutions (ICSS), section 5. Deploying Eligible IBM Software.

Third-party licensing

Q: How does Skytap handle third-party licenses—particularly licenses that are tied to hardware serial numbers?

A: Skytap currently offers only IBM i licensing. All other licenses require coordination with third-party ISVs. Please contact Skytap Support for questions about third-party software licensing.

Customer-owned licenses

Q: Can I bring my own perpetual IBM i license from my on-premises data center for use in Skytap?

A: Skytap does not support the use of customer on-premises data center licenses.

Common workloads in Skytap Cloud

Q: What are the common IBM i workloads available in Skytap?

A: The following workloads are supported in Skytap:

  • Dev/Test
  • Production
  • Disaster Recovery There are three DR options:

    • On-premises to Skytap Cloud
    • Skytap Cloud region to another Skytap Cloud region
    • Skytap Cloud to third-party cloud provider
  • PowerHA

    • PowerHA is available on Skytap Cloud as an optional license package.

Skytap Cloud account information

New accounts

Q: How long does it take to provision a new account?

A: The Skytap SLA to provision a new account is within 48 hours.


Q: What is Skytap’s availability guarantee?

A: Skytap’s availability is 99.95%