Installing and configuring the Skytap plugin for ServiceNow


Before you begin

Configure your Skytap account

A Skytap administrator must configure your account so that it can integrate with the Skytap plugin for ServiceNow.

Within your Skytap account:

  • Create a standard user account for each pre-sales engineer that needs to request environments from the service catalog.

    After a pre-sales engineer requests an environment from the service catalog, the environment is provisioned in Skytap. The pre-sales engineer needs to sign in to Skytap to use the environment.

  • Enable API token authentication.

    To check your API token settings, see Setting access policies.

  • (Recommended) Create an admin account for the ServiceNow system.

    For example, name this user servicenow-skytap-integration. ServiceNow requires an administrative account to pull information from Skytap using the REST API. If you don’t create a dedicated account for the ServiceNow system, you can use an existing admin account.

  • (Recommended) Create a project to contain all of the golden templates shared with ServiceNow.

    For example, name this project servicenow-catalog-items and add the golden templates to it. Because ServiceNow uses administrative access to pull a list of templates from Skytap, a project isn’t required for sharing. However, a project makes it easier to filter the list of available templates in ServiceNow.

Request access to the Skytap plugin for ServiceNow GitHub repository

Contact Skytap support with your GitHub user name to be given access to the Skytap plugin at

If you don’t have permission to access this repository, the link returns a 404 page not found error.

Installing the Skytap plugin in ServiceNow

The Skytap plugin must be installed by the ServiceNow administrator. In later steps, a pre-sales Manager or the ServiceNow administrator can further configure the Skytap account and the plugin.

The Skytap plugin for ServiceNow has been tested on the ServiceNow Helsinki instance, patch 7. Other instances and patch levels may work, but haven’t been tested.

To install the Skytap plugin for ServiceNow
  1. Sign into your ServiceNow instance.
  2. Follow the ServiceNow instructions for using Studio to import an application from source control.
    • Use the Skytap GitHub repository URL:
    • Enter your GitHub user name and password.
    • Select Skytap Demo Sales from the list of available applications. This completes the installation process.
    • Close the Studio browser window.

    If this step fails, verify that Skytap support has granted you access to the Skytap GitHub repository.

  3. Refresh your ServiceNow browser window to reload the list of applications in your instance.
  4. Upload the Skytap plugin Global Activities Update Set XML file.

    1. Download the XML file using the button below.

      ServiceNow plugin XML file

    2. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets.
    3. Click Import Update Set from XML.
    4. Select and upload the XML file you downloaded.
    5. Click the name of the update set to open it: SkyTap Demo - Prerequisites.
    6. Click Preview Update Set.
    7. Click Commit Update Set.
  5. Create a ServiceNow user group for the pre-sales managers. This group of users has access to configure the Skytap plugin, view Skytap data (templates, label categories, and users) as an administrator, and approve templates for inclusion in the service catalog.

    1. Navigate to System Security > Groups.
    2. Click New.
    3. Add a name for the new group (for example, skytap-salesdemo-managers).
    4. Click Submit.
  6. Edit the new group to add a Skytap plugin role; this adds permission to perform actions within the plugin:
    1. From the list of groups in the ServiceNow account, click the group name (example: skytap-salesdemo-managers).
    2. On the Roles tab, click Edit….
    3. Search the Collection field for the skytap-presales-manager role.
    4. Click > to add the roles to the Roles List.
    5. Click Save.
  7. Edit the new group to add users to it:
    1. On the Group Members tab, click Edit….
    2. Search the Collection field for the managers you want to add.
    3. Click > to add the user(s) to the Group Members List.
    4. Click Save.
  8. Confirm that the pre-sales engineers have access within ServiceNow to request items from the service catalog. These users need the itil role; this role can be attached to each user account or any group the users are a member of. If this access hasn’t been established yet, repeat the process from the previous step to create a new group for pre-sales engineers, add the itil role to the group, and then add users to the group.

Configuring the Skytap plugin in ServiceNow

The Skytap plugin can be configured by the ServiceNow administrator or by a demo manager who has been given access to the skytap-presales-manager role within ServiceNow.

To configure the Skytap plugin in ServiceNow
  1. Sign into your ServiceNow instance.
  2. Add the ServiceNow admin account in Skytap to the plugin:

    1. Navigate to Skytap > Configuration > Accounts.
    2. Enter the name, user name, and API token for the ServiceNow admin account that was created in Skytap earlier (see Configuring your Skytap account to integrate with ServiceNow above). Alternately, enter the credentials of any Skytap admin.
    3. Click Submit.
  3. Set the admin account as the default account for REST API calls:

    1. Navigate to Skytap > Administration > Properties.
    2. Under Name of Default Skytap Account, enter the name from admin account you added in the previous step.
    3. Click Submit.

Syncing Skytap data in ServiceNow

After the plugin is installed and configured, sync ServiceNow with Skytap to access the latest data about Skytap users, labels, templates, and projects. This action can performed by a ServiceNow administrator or by a demo manager who has been given access to the skytap-presales-manager role within ServiceNow.

To sync ServiceNow and access the latest Skytap data
  1. Sign into your ServiceNow instance.
  2. Navigate to Skytap > Templates > Metadata Import Modules.
  3. Click the name Import Label Categories metadata.
  4. Click Execute Now. This populates ServiceNow with a list of available label categories.

    From this screen, you can edit the Run options to repeat this sync as needed. For example, you can sync data nightly, or every few hours.

  5. Repeat steps 2–4 to execute the Import Projects metadata, Import Templates metadata, and Import Users metadata actions.

The sync process may take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Next steps

Next, add Skytap templates to your service catalog.