Adding Skytap templates to the ServiceNow service catalog

The following steps can be performed by a demo manager who has been given access to the skytap-presales-manager role within ServiceNow.

Before you begin
  • Verify that a pre-sales engineer has prepared a golden template of the demo environment in the Skytap account. Optionally, the pre-sales engineer can add the environment to a project to make it easier to discover.
  • If your Skytap data isn’t set to sync automatically in ServiceNow, manually sync the data to retrieve the latest list of templates, projects, users, and labels. For instructions, see Syncing Skytap data in ServiceNow.
To add a Skytap template to the ServiceNow service catalog
  1. Sign into your ServiceNow instance.
  2. Navigate to Skytap > Templates > Available Templates.
  3. Use the search or filter options to locate the template you want to add. If the template is in a project, filter by the project name.
  4. Click the name of the template you want to add a service catalog.
  5. (Optional) Customize the item name and description. The item name and description will appear in the service catalog.
  6. (Optional) Set a lease end period. This is the default amount of time the environment is provisioned for the user; the user can request a different lease period when requesting the catalog item.
  7. (Optional) Add Skytap labels to the template. The labels are attached to any environments created from the template; they can be later used to generate detailed usage reporting.

    For more information about labels, see Using labels for in-depth usage reporting.

    1. Click Add Label.
    2. Select a Skytap Label Category (for example: Customer or Product name).

      If you don’t see a label category you want, add the label category in your Skytap account, manually re-sync the Skytap data in ServiceNow, and return to this screen.

    3. If you have a static label value that you want associated with each environment created from this template, enter a label value here.


      If you want users to dynamically add a label value when they request an environment from the service catalog, leave the default text (Change_Text).

    4. Click Add.

    5. (Optional) Make the label category mandatory. When the label category is mandatory, the pre-sales engineer must enter a label value when requesting an environment from the service catalog.
      1. Click Make label category mandatory.
      2. Select one or more categories from the Available column.
      3. Click > to move the categories to the Selected column.
      4. Click OK.
  8. Click Request For Approval.
  9. Click Approve.
  10. Click Create Catalog Item. The item is added to the default Skytap service catalog.