Using the Skytap plugin for ServiceNow (tech preview)

The Skytap plugin for ServiceNow is a Cloud Management plugin that lets you request, provision, and manage Skytap environments through the ServiceNow delivery platform.

The Skytap plugin for ServiceNow:

  • Enables environment self-service by adding golden templates for Skytap training environments, demo environments, and dev/test environments to your IT catalog. Managers within your account can promote any templates from your Skytap account to the catalog.
  • Controls usage by requiring a start date and end date for each requested environment. The environment is automatically created and deleted according to this schedule.
  • Provides more detailed usage reporting by allowing managers to add or require usage labels for environment. These labels track environment usage by label category and value (such as customer name or cost center).

The technical preview of the Skytap plugin includes workflows and building blocks for creating and provisioning sales demo environments. In subsequent releases, Skytap will add workflows for other uses cases. In the meantime, administrators who understand ServiceNow workflow concepts can create their own workflows using the building blocks provided in this plugin.


The Skytap plugin for ServiceNow supports a basic workflow for adding Skytap templates to the ServiceNow service catalog and provisioning requested environments on demand.

servicenow integration

  1. In Skytap, a pre-sales SME prepares a golden template of the demo environment.
  2. In ServiceNow, a pre-sales manager uses the plugin to locate the template. The pre-sales manager approves the template, and adds it to a ServiceNow service catalog.
  3. In ServiceNow, a pre-sales engineer requests an environment from the service catalog and provides specific information about the request (for example, the amount of time the environment is needed, the customer associated with the demo, etc.). This starts a series of actions:
    • Skytap automatically provisions the environment and displays an access link in ServiceNow.
    • The pre-sales engineer logs into Skytap to access the environment and use it for the sales demo.
    • When the environment expires based on the defined schedule, Skytap automatically deletes the environment.

The Skytap plugin for ServiceNow uses the Skytap REST API to request information and create environments from templates.

Getting Started

To get started, install the Skytap plugin in your ServiceNow instance.