Getting additional help with your VM or environment

Contact your administrator or instructor for help with:
  • Adding more access time to a sharing portal.
  • Extending an expiration date on the sharing portal.
  • Restoring a VM back to a prior point.
  • Missing or incorrect usernames and passwords for the VM operating system or applications on the VM.
  • Applications or databases on the VM that won’t load or that don’t work properly.
  • Starting or stopping a VM that you don’t have permission to control

Skytap Support does not manage data, accounts, or applications within the VMs.

Contact Skytap Support for help with:
  • Problems connecting to the VM.
  • A virtual machine or environment that won’t start or stop when you press the Run, Suspend, or Stop buttons.
  • An error message that directs you contact support.

Contact Skytap Support via the support page or via email at []( Include:

  • Your company name or the name of the company you’re working with.
  • A detailed description of the issue.
  • The troubleshooting steps taken to date.
  • The URL of the environment or sharing portal page. The URL is listed in the address bar of the browser (…).