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May 2020 What’s new

The May 2020 release included:


New multi-select capabilities

Skytap has used your feedback to make our multi-select capabilities easier to find and easier to use.

environment multiselect

The new multi-select feature is available for the following:

Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance

Skytap has added the ability for Microsoft Software Assurance customers to use Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance for licensing Microsoft software products for use on Skytap VMs.

For more information, see the Skytap attached licenses FAQ.

Updates to the Account Settings page

Skytap has enhanced the Account Settings page. Now you can more easily configure account-wide settings.

In addition, we’ve added the ability to designate the following contacts for your account:

  • Primary administrator – The Primary administrator has the authority to make account-level changes—including anything that may affect billing.
  • Billing contact – (Optional) The person Skytap should contact with billing or invoicing questions.
  • Security contact – (Optional) The person Skytap should contact about security issues.

Usage and account limits are on the Current Usage page. To view and change current usage, reserved capacity, and account limits by region, see Setting usage limits and viewing usage.

For more details, see Managing account-wide settings

Account contacts auto-power policy shared drive sharing portal support link webhooks

New Skytap Frankfurt, Germany region

We added the following new Skytap region:

DE-Frankfurt-I-1 (Frankfurt, Germany)

skytap regions

For more details, see Understanding regions.

The May 2020 release included:


Environment locking

Skytap includes the ability to lock environments, which disables the following actions:

  • Changing power state (run, suspend, shut down).
  • Adding, deleting, or changing VMs.
  • Adding, deleting, changing, connecting to, or disconnecting from networks.
  • Connecting, disconnecting, enabling, disabling, deleting, attaching to or detaching from WANs.
  • Releasing or detaching Public IP addresses.
  • Deleting label categories.

    lock environment

For more details, see Locking environments.

Added CPU sharing mode

AIX and Linux on Power users can now control the CPU sharing mode to allow a Power VM to run either capped or uncapped. This gives AIX and Linux on Power users better control over resource usage and license costs. For more details, see Editing VM CPUs and RAM.

Expanded x86 storage

Skytap has expanded cumulative storage to 4 TB per VM for x86 for the following regions:

  • US-Virginia-M-1
  • US-East-2
  • US-Central
  • EMEA
  • DE-Frankfurt-I-1
  • CAN-Toronto
  • AUS-Sydney
  • APAC-2

Each x86 VM is limited to 15 disks and a total of 4 TB of combined storage. The VM can have 1 disk that is 4 TB or up to 15 disks that total 4 TB.

Additionally, for Power VMs we expanded maximum disk size to 4 TB in the following regions:

  • US-Virginia-M-1
  • US-Central
  • EMEA
  • CAN-Toronto

For Power storage limits by region, see Regional service limits.

Deprecation notice for the Skytap Command Line Interface (CLI) public template

The Skytap Command Line Interface (CLI) public template is deprecated.

We recommend that customers use the terraform provider or our API for automation.

April 2020 What’s new

The April 2020 release included:


Import VMs from IBM Cloud Object Storage

Skytap can now import x86 VMs and Power LPARs from IBM Cloud Object Storage (ICOS).

ICOS import page

For details about importing from ICOS, see Importing Power and x86 VMs using IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Expanded capability in CAN-Toronto

Skytap has added the Power A CPU architecture that supports IBM i, AIX, and Linux (on Power) in Skytap Cloud. compute type to the CAN-Toronto region. For details about Power capabilities in CAN-Toronto, see Skytap features by region.

Terraform upgrades

Building on the addition of ICNR tunnels, tags, and labels, we’ve added custom timeout values to the Skytap Terraform provider.

For details, see Skytap Terraform provider reference guide.

February 2020 What’s new

The February 2020 release included:

CPU entitlements for Power VMs

Skytap now enables the ability to adjust CPU entitlements for Power VMs, including approximate CPW for IBM i. For Power VMs, you can now set Entitled capacity (and approximate CPW for IBM i) by changing the amount of RAM and the number of CPUs.

CPU entitlement

For details, see Editing VM CPUs and RAM.

Terraform upgrades

We’ve extended the Skytap Terraform provider to include ICNR tunnels, tags, and labels.

We also updated the provider to support Terraform v0.12.

For details, see Skytap Terraform provider reference guide.

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