What’s New

The July 2020 release includes the following:


Environment locking

Skytap includes the ability to lock environments, which disables the following actions:

  • Deleting or copying environments.
  • Saving environments as templates.
  • Changing power state (run, suspend, shut down).
  • Adding, deleting, or changing VMs.
  • Adding, deleting, changing, connecting to, or disconnecting from networks.
  • Connecting, disconnecting, enabling, disabling, deleting, attaching to or detaching from WANs.
  • Releasing or detaching Public IP addresses.
  • Deleting label categories.

    lock environment

For more details, see Locking environments.

Expanded x86 storage

Skytap has expanded cumulative storage to 4 TB per VM for x86 for the following regions:

  • US-Virginia-M-1
  • US-East-2
  • US-Central
  • EMEA
  • DE-Frankfurt-I-1
  • CAN-Toronto
  • AUS-Sydney
  • APAC-2

Each x86 VM is limited to 15 disks and a total of 4 TB of combined storage. The VM can have 1 disk that is 4 TB or up to 15 disks that total 4 TB.

Additionally, for Power VMs we expanded maximum disk size to 4 TB in the following regions:

  • US-Virginia-M-1
  • US-Central
  • EMEA
  • CAN-Toronto

For Power storage limits by region, see Regional service limits.

Added CPU sharing mode

AIX and Linux on Power users can now control the CPU sharing mode to allow a Power VM to run either capped or uncapped. This gives AIX and Linux on Power users better control over resource usage and license costs. For more details, see Editing VM CPUs and RAM.

By default, CPU sharing mode is set to uncapped.

Updated IBM Power Entitled Capacity calculation

Skytap has updated the Entitled Capacity calculation for IBM Power CPU sharing.

For more information, see Editing VM CPUs and RAM

Enabled self-service Skytap for Microsoft Azure customers

Microsoft Azure customers can now add Skytap on Azure as a new service within Microsoft Azure, which will be billed through their Microsoft Azure account.

Deprecation notice for the Skytap Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Skytap Command Line Interface (CLI) public template and Ruby GEM are deprecated. We recommend that customers use the terraform provider or our API for automation.

What’s planned

This section previews some of the updates that are planned for future releases. These updates may change at any time during development; there is no guarantee that they will ship on a specific date; and they may be canceled altogether.

  • The ability to share templates with Skytap customers in other accounts.
  • The ability to set a default expiration period for API keys.
  • The ability to set reserved capacity for Skytap VMs in Microsoft Azure.
  • The ability to override the calculated entitled capacity limit for Power VMs.