What’s New

The April 2023 release includes:

New Course Manager self-service lab consumption

You can now allow on-demand lab end users to end a lab session from the Configuration menu and last page of the Manual in the Content Pane. When a lab end user ends a lab session, the lab environment is deleted in Skytap and consumed in Course Manager. For more information, see Self-service consumption.

Enhancements to the Course Manager Activity and event Activity Summary pages

The lab end user’s Activity page and the event Activity Summary page now display information about success or failure regardless of whether the end user is notified of the result. This information displays when the following are in use:

  • CMHelper version 1.1.11 or newer for interactive command Manual shortcuts and lab actions.
  • CMSysHelper version 1.0.3 or newer for system command Manual shortcuts and lab actions.
  • Script Host v10 or newer for script Manual shortcuts and lab actions.
  • Virtual Browser v9 or newer for Virtual Browser Manual shortcuts and lab actions.

For more information, see Viewing Learning Console activity and Viewing the event activity summary.

For older Skytap release notes, visit the 2023 and 2022 archives. For release notes dating back to 2011, contact support@skytap.com.