Example API scripts and clients


Example scripts

Skytap has written several example API scripts that demonstrate ways you can use the Skytap API. These open-source scripts are released under the Apache 2 license; they are available from our GitHub repository: https://github.com/skytap/sample-api.

The sample scripts include:

  • A PowerShell script that demonstrates how to GET a list of environments from the Skytap API
  • A Python script that demonstrates how to run a VM in an environment
  • Python scripts that demonstrate how to secure your account by removing published services, sharing portals, and outbound internet access

These scripts should be treated as sample code; thoroughly test them before using them in your account.

Developer tools

Many Skytap plugins and integrations were created using the Skytap API. Several of these projects are available on GitHub, including the Skytap provider for Vagrant and the Skytap dynamic inventory for Ansible. They can be viewed as more complex examples of API usage.

For example, there are projects written in:

  • C#
  • Java
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • Ruby

For more information, see our GitHub account and Developer tools documentation.

Customer projects

We are excited to share some Skytap API projects that customers have developed.

Any use rights for these samples are handled by the licensing terms of the individual projects.

Node.js Client for Skytap API


by FTI Consulting with Under Armour

This wrapper allows you to make node.js calls to the Skytap API. It includes many common functions for creating and managing environments, templates, and VPNs.

Skytap Python Modules


by Fulcrum

This set of modules creates Python objects for Skytap’s REST resources, allowing them to be viewed and edited in scripts. The modules can also be called directly from the command line, giving you quick access to JSON representations of Skytap resources like environments, users, limits, and more.

Python Client for Skytap API


by Vertafore

This wrapper allows you to make Python 3 calls to the Skytap API. It includes many common functions for creating and managing environments, users, departments, projects, and VM access points (sharing portals, published services, network adapters, etc.).

Python Client Library for Skytap API


by DataXu

This wrapper allows you to make Python 2.4 + and Python 3 calls to the Skytap API. It includes common functions for generating usage reports, as well as creating and managing VMs, environments, assets, users, limits, departments, projects, and access points (sharing portals, network adapters, VPNs, etc.).

Have a project you’d like to share? Let us know, and we’ll feature it here.