Removing a region from a Skytap on Microsoft Azure account

Although you can delete a subscription to a Skytap on Azure region from the Microsoft Azure portal, you will lose all Skytap environments, templates, and assets from the region.

Skytap on Azure provides a seven-day grace period to restore an inadvertently deleted region or Skytap on Azure account. For details, see Restoring a region to a Skytap on Microsoft Azure account.

If you intend only to zero the cost of a region, a simpler alternative is to simply shut down the environments in the region. This preserves your subscription to the region and all the environments, templates, and other assets in the region.

To remove a region from you Skytap on Azure subscription

  1. From the Azure services section of the Microsoft Azure portal, click Software as a Service (SaaS).

    create a resource

    The Software as a Service (SaaS) page displays.

    SaaS page

  2. Click on the name of the Skytap on Azure instance in the region you want to remove. The plan details page displays.


  3. Click delete. A confirmation dialog displays.

You can also click unsubscribe to remove the region from your subscription.

  1. Optionally select a reason for deleting the region.

  2. Click delete. The instance is removed.