Adding a Skytap on Azure subscription to your Microsoft Azure account

  1. From the Azure services section of the Microsoft Azure portal, click Create a resource.

    create a resource

    From the New page, search for Skytap.

  2. In the Skytap on Azure badge, click Set up + subscribe to choose the region where you want to create your Skytap on Azure subscription.


    The Subscribe to Skytap on Azure page displays.


  3. For Subscription, choose the Microsoft Azure account that you want your Skytap on Azure subscription billed to, and then type a Name for your subscription. Then click Review and subscribe. The Subscribe to Skytap on Azure page displays.

    If you plan to subscribe to multiple regions, you can simplify your account management by including the name of the region in the subscription name. For example: MyAccount-SG

    After you review the Terms of use, click Subscribe. The Subscription progress page displays.

    subscription process complete

  4. After the subscription process completes, click configure account now. The Configure a Skytap on Azure account page displays.

    There can be a delay before you can configure your account while Microsoft Azure adds the service.

    configure skytap on azure

    If you have an existing Skytap on Azure account, you can add this new subscription to it or you can Create a new Skytap account.

  5. Provide a Company Name. Optionally, you can provide separate Billing contact and Security contact email addresses.

    By default, Skytap on Azure uses your Microsoft Azure email address for Billing contact and Security contact.

  6. Click complete setup. When the setup process completes, the Skytap on Azure Dashboard page displays.

    skytap dashboard

After you’ve created a Skytap on Azure account, we strongly recommend that you add a browser bookmark to the Instance URL for your Skytap on Azure account.