Using the Skytap Terraform provider



The Skytap Terraform provider helps you provision and manage Skytap environments, templates, networks, and VMs.

Download and installation instructions

To use the Terraform provider, visit the Skytap Terraform provider page.

Supported actions

The actions provided in the plugin are as follows:

  • Create environment from template
  • List environment properties
  • Update environment
  • Delete environment
  • Add environment to project
  • Add VM to environment
  • Create virtual network
  • List virtual network properties
  • Update virtual network
  • Delete virtual network
  • Connect to VPN tunnel
  • List VM properties
  • Create VM from template
  • Add network adapter to VM
  • View network adapter properties for VM
  • Add virtual disk to VM
  • View virtual disk properties for VM
  • Update VM
  • Delete VM

These pre-packaged actions provide you with actions that are commonly needed in provisioning environment resources during a CI run. These actions are documented in more depth at the Skytap Terraform provider page.