Developer tools

Integrate Skytap environments into your development and test environments with our plugins, automation packs, and how-to guides.


Use the Skytap dynamic inventory for Ansible to manage your inventory of Skytap VMs.


Use the Jenkins plugin to integrate Skytap environments, VPNs, and projects into your continuous integration builds.


Use our PowerShell Module to manage Skytap environments, templates, users, and more with simple PowerShell cmdlets.


Use Puppet for configuration management with your Skytap VMs.

Terraform Provider

Use the Terraform Provider to provision and manage Skytap environments, templates, networks, and VMs.

Urban Code Deploy

Use the Urban Code Deploy automation pack to integrate Skytap environments into your Urban Code Deploy workflow.


Use the Skytap Vagrant provider to quickly provision, run, and control virtual machines in Skytap.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Use the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server automation pack to integrate Skytap into your build-deploy-test cycles.

Many of these tools use the Skytap REST API. For more information about the API, see Skytap REST API.