Skytap Vagrant provider installation requirements

The Skytap provider for Vagrant can either be installed on your local computer or on a Skytap VM.



Software requirements

Install the following software on your local computer or a Skytap VM:

Ruby 2.0 or newer

Available from

To check the installed version of Ruby, type ruby --version.

Vagrant 1.7.4 or 1.8.1

Available from

The Skytap Vagrant provider has been tested with Vagrant versions 1.7.4 and 1.8.1. Other sources (including apt-get) may have older, unsupported versions of Vagrant.

AutoSSH (optional)

Linux and macOS users: to use port forwarding, install AutoSSH. Windows users: port forwarding isn’t supported on Windows hosts.

Network requirements

The Skytap provider for Vagrant requires a secure connection to Skytap.

Local machine with VPN connection to Skytap

  • If you’re installing the Skytap provider for Vagrant on your local computer, you must have a Skytap VPN in the region where you want to create environments. A NAT-enabled VPN is recommended.

To check if a VPN is available, navigate to a Skytap environment in the region and open the network settings. If the WAN section is visible in the network settings, a VPN is available. If you don’t have a VPN, work with your Skytap administrator to create one or install the Vagrant provider on a Skytap VM (see below).


Skytap VM with connectivity to other Skytap environments

If you’re installing the Skytap provider for Vagrant on a Skytap VM:

  • Install it on a VM in the same region as your golden templates (the Skytap templates you’ll be creating VMs from).
  • Connect the VM to a virtual network that:
    • Is visible to other networks
    • Is NAT-enabled
    • Has a unique subnet that doesn’t overlap with other networks in your Skytap environments. To edit the network settings, see Editing an automatic network.

To avoid IP address conflicts, the VM that the provider is installed on and the VMs that it creates must either:

  • Have different network subnets.


  • Be NAT-enabled.

In addition to editing the network your provider VM is on, you may also need to edit the network in your golden template.

VPN and ICNR connections require that the VM has a network interface that is connected to a network. Only the first network interface can be used for VPN or ICNR connections. For more information, see Networking between environments and Creating a VPN connection to an external network.


After installing Ruby and a supported version of Vagrant, use the following command to download and install the Skytap provider on the VM.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-skytap

Verify the installation with the command vagrant plugin list. The Skytap provider should be listed.