What’s New

The January 2019 release includes:


Terraform Provider

The Skytap Terraform provider helps you provision and manage Skytap environments, templates, networks, and VMs.

For more details, see Using the Skytap Terraform provider.

New Skytap public templates

  • AIX NIM Master with SPOTs
  • Zevenet CE 5.02 Load Balancer

IBM i Technology Preview Program

We’re still accepting nominations for the Skytap Technology Preview Program for IBM i. This is a first-to-market, public cloud capability, available exclusively from Skytap.

During the technology preview access period, Skytap works closely with organizations who are interested in moving their IBM i applications into the cloud. Program participants provide direct feedback to Skytap product managers, help shape the product, test features of Skytap, and ensure that their IBM i application runs successfully in Skytap.

The Technology Preview Program access period extends through January 2019.

Skytap provides:

  • A preview program buddy for each customer.
  • A weekly checkpoint call (30 min).
  • Technical support and a private Slack channel for communication.
  • Cloud resources and assistance with moving IBM i applications into Skytap.
  • A Skytap account for each participating company for the duration of the Technology Preview Program access period.

A participants provides:

  • One or more IBM i applications to be tested during the Technology Preview Program access period (must be IBM i 7.3).
  • One or two resources for approximately 5-8 hours per week.
  • An agreed-upon schedule to demonstrate shared progress through the Technology Preview Program.
  • Quotable text and willingness to act as a reference upon successful completion of the Technology Preview Program.

There is no cost for customers to participate in the Technology Preview Program but participants must agree to the program terms.

During the technology preview period, each customer Power VM can be configured to use a maximum of four (4) vCPUs.

Submit your nomination here.

Highlights from recent releases

For older Skytap release notes, visit the 2018 and 2017 archives. For release notes dating back to 2011, contact support@skytap.com.