What’s New

The July 2019 release includes:


General availability of IBM i in Skytap Cloud

Skytap announces the general availability of IBM i in the public cloud. For more details about our IBM i general availability announcement, featuring supported partners, and our focus on leading Power Systems to the cloud, see the IBM i General Availability announcement.

For the first time, you can upload your IBM i workloads to the cloud.

Skytap’s IBM i capability lets you define environments that can contain IBM i LPARs side by side with AIX, Linux, and Windows VMs.

IBM i is now available for customer accounts in the following regions:

  • US-West
  • US-Central
  • EMEA

For a detailed list of capabilities available in each region, see Skytap features by region.

To learn more about IBM i in Skytap, see the IBM i FAQ.


Storage units selector

Administrators can now set user and department storage unit limits in either GB or TB. For more details about setting user and department storage limits, see Setting usage limits.

storage units

Highlights from recent releases

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