What’s New

The May 2019 release includes:


New Skytap Cloud region

We’ve added the following new Skytap region:

  • APAC-2 (Singapore, SGP)

For more details, see Understanding regions.

New Skytap Cloud user interface design

We’ve updated the visual design of the Skytap user interface to help provide clarity and focus to your content and workflows.


Enabled Private Network Connections (PNC) for US-Central

We’ve enabled Private Network Connections for the Skytap US-Central region. You can now establish a dedicated connection between your primary corporate data center and US-Central.

For more information, see Overview of Private Network Connections and VPNs.

Enabled expanded storage for Power VMs

We’ve expanded storage for Power VMs to allow large storage expansion for VMs already in Skytap and for importing large Power VMs (LPARs) into Skytap.

For details about the expanded regions, see Skytap Cloud features by region.

Highlights from recent releases

For older Skytap release notes, visit the 2019 and 2018 archives. For release notes dating back to 2011, contact support@skytap.com.