What’s New

The May 2018 release includes the following features and tools:

Automatically shut down inactive environments

Skytap Cloud has added the option to automatically shut down an environment if it is not being used. Previously, the only option was to suspend the environment.

By automatically shutting down an environment when it’s not in use, you halt the SVM hours and concurrent SVMs consumed by the environment. This automated action helps you better manage your SVMs subscription. Automatic shut down occurs more quickly than automatic suspend, freeing up resources for other environments.

Environment power options

Editing the automatic power settings

There are two options for configuring environments in your account to automatically shut down:

  • Account-wide default setting

    Administrators can set an account-wide default power option for inactive environments. Each time a new environment is created, it inherits this default automatic suspend or shut down option.

    For instructions, see Managing account-wide settings.

  • Per-environment setting

    Users with permission to edit an environment can change the automatic suspend or shut down setting for that environment.

    For instructions, see Automatically shut down or suspend inactive environments.

For more information about how Skytap Cloud detects whether an environment is in use, see Automatically shut down or suspend inactive environments.

Recent activity feed for environments

The Environment Details page for each environment now displays an Activity tab, which provides information about the last 20 actions performed on the environment.

This feed is especially useful for shared environments, where more than one user may be editing the environment or altering its power state.

Advanced Import Appliance

Recent environment activity

Administrators can view additional activity on an environment by generating an Auditing report.

New Advanced Import Appliance

The Advanced Import Appliance is now available as a Docker container from the Skytap Docker repository: https://hub.docker.com/r/skytap/advanced-import-appliance/.

The Advanced Import Appliance is a self-service tool for uploading VMs into Skytap Cloud. By installing the Advanced Import Appliance on your local machine with Docker, you can validate that your VMs meet the import requirements before uploading them Skytap Cloud, as well as automatically create and manage multiple import jobs.

Advanced Import Appliance

Advanced Import Appliance

The Advanced Import Appliance Docker container replaces the previous beta iteration of the Advanced Import Appliance, which was published as a downloadable OVA file and called the Cloud Import Management Appliance (CIMA). The OVA version of appliance will no longer be supported. Please install and begin using the newer Docker container.

Notifications for usage against department and regional limits (admins)

Account administrators can now enable email notifications for SVM or storage usage against department limits or account-wide regional limits.

For example, if regional limits are enabled in your account, Skytap Cloud can notify administrators or other users when the account is at 90% of its concurrent SVMs limit in a specific region or any region. Or, Skytap Cloud can notify administrators or other users in the account when a specific department or any department reaches 90% of its SVM hours limit.

Usage notifications

Account-wide usage notifications

For instructions, see Setting up usage notification emails.

Updates to your marketing email preferences and account information

Skytap now provides options for customizing the types of marketing and product team communications you want to receive.

During a one-time step, you’ll be prompted to update your marketing email preferences and provide your country of residence. This helps ensure that Skytap is sending you the most relevant information, and that we are honoring all applicable data laws in your country.

You can change your marketing email preferences or country of residence at any time from the Account page in Skytap Cloud.

NOTE: Skytap Cloud has deprecated the previous checkbox that was used to indicate whether users wanted to receive marketing emails.

Old account page

Deprecated option for setting marketing email preferences.

REST API v2 users: To ensure that all marketing email preferences are correctly logged, the REST API field (wants_email) associated with the /v2/account resource has been deprecated. Previous values have been replace with a null value, and the field is now read-only.

Attempts to edit this field will be ignored by the REST API. Users should manage their marketing email preferences at http://research.skytap.com/Email-Preference-Center.html.

Privacy and consent

One-time setup for country and email preferences

Highlights from recent releases:

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