Error message: “This operation would result in a quota violation. The operation would exceed the Metered RAM limit…”

Error description

You can’t run a VM or environment because it would exceed the environment owner’s user, department, or company-wide Concurrent Metered RAM limit.

  • If you are using an environment that has been shared with you, contact your administrator or the person that gave you access for help with resolving the error.
  • If you are a Skytap user who owns the environment, either:
    • Suspend or shut down VMs that you own that aren’t in use. This will free up capacity so that you can run other VMs or environments.

      Use the filters on the Environments list page to generate a list of environments that you own and that are running. For help, see Filtering a list of environments.


    • Work with your Skytap administrator to increase your user, department, or company Concurrent Metered RAM limit.

      To view your current limit, see Viewing your current usage and usage limits.