How is an error code different from an incident ID?

Error code

An error code is a three-digit code that displays when the SRA browser client stops unexpectedly or behaves in an unexpected way.

You can look up these error codes and their meaning in the Skytap Help and Documentation. Just type the error code into the Search box. For example, “error 522”

error search

Incident ID

An incident ID is the alphanumeric code that displays at the end of some error messages. For example:

The operation cannot be performed at this time. Please try again or contact support. (0B003A15)

These can occur during the following events:

  • Power state change
  • Delete
  • Import

Unlike error codes, you can’t look up an incident ID. Errors that display an incident ID are often transient. Generally, re-trying the action will succeed. If re-trying the action doesn’t succeed, contact Skytap Support ( with the following information to more quickly resolve the error condition:

  • The URL of the environment.
  • The error message and the incident ID.
  • The action you were trying to perform when the error occurred.

Additionally, if the incident ID displayed during an import:

  • Don’t re-try the import.
  • Provide the user name associated with the import site.