Skytap on IBM Cloud overview

Skytap is purpose-built to enable you to natively run your traditional applications in the cloud. Skytap is the only cloud that supports virtual machines running AIX, IBM i, and Linux on IBM Power, as well as x86 workloads.

Your environments can be as simple as a single virtual machine or as complex as an entire virtual data center with dozens of virtual machines, multiple networks, and applications. Skytap can be used for multiple purposes, including development, testing, modernization, demos, and production.

IBM Cloud customers can add Skytap on IBM Cloud to their account to migrate IBM Power workloads to the cloud without needing to rewrite or re-platform. Skytap is a cloud platform for creating, managing, and sharing virtual machine environments

Getting started

You create instances of Skytap on IBM Cloud through the IBM Catalog and then manage your Skytap instances in a dedicated web portal or via API. This tutorial walks you through the process of provisioning your Skytap account in the IBM Catalog. Content specific to using Skytap cloud is available on the service landing page once you’ve created your environments as well as in the dedicated Skytap portal.

  1. Select a pricing plan. Skytap currently supports only Pay as You Go.

  2. After you’ve selected a plan, provide the following:

    • Service name.
    • Resource Group.
    • Any Tags you want to define to help organize your service.
  3. Click Configure.

  4. Fill in the additional, required information in order to create your Skytap account.

    • Select the Regions that you will be using. x86 VMs are included in all regions, Power VMs are included in only EMEA and US-Central.
    • Set the Primary Administrator for your account. By default this will be the user creating the account, you can change the user here.
    • Set the Billing Contact for your account. By default this will be the user creating the account, you can change the user here.
    • Set a Account Subdomain name for your account. This is included in the fully qualified domain name when you use dynamic public IPs.
  5. Click Create this account to continue.

Learning resources for Skytap

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