Editing an existing VPN connection

If your local network configuration has changed or if you need to update the remote subnet, you can change the settings for a VPN.


  • You must be an account administrator to edit a VPN.
  • If you plan you edit the VPN remote subnet, first shut down or suspend all of the environments that are connected to the VPN. They’ll use the new remote subnet settings when they’re restarted.

Changing an existing VPN

To edit a VPN
  1. From the navigation bar, click Manage > WANs.

    Admin WANs

    The WANs page displays.

    WANS page

  2. If the VPN is enabled, click Disable.
  3. Click edit (Edit this VPN).
  4. Edit the VPN settings as needed.
  5. Click Save. The VPN Details tab displays the details of the VPN you just created.
  6. If you alter the remote subnet, you must suspend, and then resume any running environments connected to this VPN to make sure that they recognize the new settings.
  7. Test the VPN.
  8. Click Enable to start the flow of traffic through the VPN.