Troubleshooting SRA error message 520

Error message

‘The VM refused the connection. (520)’

Error description

The SRA browser client could not connect to the VM over RDP. The RDP server is refusing the connection. This could be because the RDP server security is set to Network Level Authentication (NLA), or there is a network connectivity issue.


If you have permission to edit the VM guest operating system:

  1. Switch the browser client connection type to Standard.
  1. In the browser client toolbar, click yes.
  2. Select the Standard (no audio) connection type. display server
  3. Click Apply.
  1. Sign into the VM as an administrator.
  2. Verify the Remote Desktop settings in the guest operating system, and correct them if necessary.
  3. In the SRA browser session, switch back to the RDP connection type.

If the issue persists, log back into the VM and disable and re-enable the network adapter in the Windows network settings.

Advanced troubleshooting

If the problem is still unresolved, contact your instructor or administrator.

If you need to use the VM in the meantime, use the Standard connection type in the SRA browser client.

You can’t use VM audio until the RDP connection type is fixed.