My network has low bandwidth. What can I do?

If your Speedtest results indicate that your network has low upload or download speeds, try one or more of the following steps and then retry the test.

Low bandwidth is less than 1.2 Mbps for each concurrent browser session with a VM, or 1.5 Mbps for each session that uses VM audio.

Try one or more of these steps first…

  • Close any browser tabs or applications that may be using a lot of bandwidth (like video streaming, audio streaming, Voice Over IP services, or web conferences).
  • If you’re close to the bandwidth requirement, try using the VM with a Chrome browser. You should also adjust the display quality setting to its lowest value. For more information, see Improving performance during a browser client session.
  • If you’re connecting via a mobile service or mobile hotspot, try connecting to a different Internet service (like the WiFi Internet service at a coffee shop).
  • If you’re using WiFi to connect to the network, try moving close to the router or access point. If performance doesn’t improve, connect to the router via a wired Ethernet cable instead.
  • If you’re using a VPN client, disable it. The direct connection may provide better performance.
  • If you’re sharing the network with other users, note that their network activity will impact your network performance. If possible, work with the other users to reduce the amount of activity on the network (for example, stop using any streaming services or large file transfers to cloud services).
  • Try the test from a different physical location, such as home or a different office. For example, if you’re on a hotel WiFi network, try connecting from a coffee shop instead.

If you’re still experiencing low bandwidth…

  • If you’re on your corporate network:

    Work with your network administrator or internal help desk to run a traceroute network test and identify potential issues on the network. For instructions, see Checking the network traffic path.

  • If you’re on your home network:

    Try restarting your modem or router. Alternately, work with your Internet Service Provider to identify potential issues with your bandwidth.