Why is the screen black after my Windows 10 VM boots?

Sometimes you boot up a VM in Skytap and, after the VMware logo and the Windows logo display, the screen goes black.

This article helps you replace an incorrect display driver with the VMware 3D SVGA driver, which corrects most display problems.


To reinstall the display driver on a VM
  1. From the SRA toolbar, start the VM and Reset the VM (using the SRA tool bar controls).


    Continue resetting the VM until the Recovery screen displays.

    Mouse and keyboard actions in Windows Recovery and Safe Mode may be erratic. You can use arrow keys to make selections and Enter, instead of a mouse click.

  2. Highlight See advanced repair options, and then press Enter.


    The Choose an option screen displays.

  3. Highlight Troubleshoot, and then press Enter.

    Choose an option

    The Troubleshoot screen displays.

  4. Highlight Advanced options, and then press Enter.


    The Advanced options screen displays

  5. Highlight Startup Settings, and then press Enter.

    Advanced options

    The Startup Settings screen displays.

  6. Highlight Restart, and then press Enter.

    Startup settings

  7. Press Enter to restart the VM.

    After the VM restarts, the Startup Settings screen displays.

    Startup Settings

  8. Press 4 to start the VM in Safe Mode.
  9. Sign in to the VM using the stored credentials for the VM (see Viewing saved VM credentials).
  10. Reinstall VMware Tools, using the instructions in Installing VMware Tools.