Storing VM credentials

User name and password credential sets can be stored with the VM settings. By saving user names and passwords for guest OS accounts, application accounts, and database accounts in the VM credentials, you make this information available to other users.

Credentials are saved for reference only. Adding credentials in this field won’t add or change user profiles and passwords in the VM operating system.


Adding VM credentials

Manage VM credentials from either the VM Settings page or from the environment details page.

To add credentials to a VM from the VM Settings page
  1. Navigate to the VM Settings > Hardware page.

  2. Click the Credentials tab.
  3. If no credentials exist for this VM, click Add (+ Add). If the VM already has at least one set of credentials, click Add credentials (+ Add credentials).
  4. Enter a user name and password. VM Credentials

  5. (Optional) Type a Note for this set of credentials.
  6. Click Add to add this set of credentials to the VM.
To add credentials to a VM from the environment details page
  1. Click add credentials on the VM to which you want to add credentials.

    vm credentials

  2. Click Add Credentials.

    add credentials

  3. Enter a Username, Password, and optional Note.
  4. Click Save.

Viewing saved VM credentials

VM credentials are visible from the environment details page, sharing portals, and from within the Secure Remote Access (SRA) browser client (used to view the VM desktop).

  • From the environment details page and sharing portal pages, credentials can be viewed from the VM tile.

    vm credentials

    Individual VM, Environment Details page

    sharing portal credentials

    Individual VM, Sharing portal

  • From the browser client, credentials can be viewed from the top toolbar.

    HTML5 Client Credentials

How credentials are stored in environments and templates

When you create a template from an environment, the credentials are saved with the VMs. When a new environment is created from that template, the new VMs have the same credentials as the original VMs.