CI/CD reference architecture: Jenkins build farm environment

The following reference architecture shows a Jenkins distributed build farm environment. As code is checked in, a Jenkins master delegates build and test tasks to one of several subordinate VMs running in Skytap.

This build process can be included in a larger CI/CD pipeline.

workflow 1

Distributed build environment connected to on-premises resources


In a more complex scenario, you could have multiple Jenkins masters and multiple build farm environments. Each dev team could own a Jenkins master and a build farm environment.

Skytap features used


A fully-configured, subordinate Jenkins VM is saved as a template. When an additional build VM is needed, you can add it to the environment from the template. Skytap provides automatic networking for the new VM.

bVPN or ICNR networking

  • The Jenkins master connects to the Skytap build farm environment via a Skytap VPN or Private Network Connection.
  • Alternately, the Jenkins master can be hosted in a Skytap environment that communicates with the build farm environment via ICNR.