Using the Connectivity Checker

The Connectivity Checker tests whether you meet the access requirements for connecting to a VM using the Secure Remote Access (SRA) browser client.


Run the Connectivity Checker

To run the Connectivity Checker
  1. Navigate to . Connectivity Checker
  2. Click Check now next to the region of the VM you want to test.


    • The region is listed on the environment page or sharing portal page. If you don't have access to either of these, contact your Skytap administrator to ask which region to test against.
    • Regardless of your location, select the region for the VM.
  3. Click Check Connectivity.

Interpreting the test results and improving performance

Connectivity Checker returns the results of three tests.

If you pass the first two tests and have low to medium latency, you meet the basic requirements for accessing VMs. No further testing is necessary.

Supported browser

Optimal result: Passed

This test checks whether you’re using a supported browser.

If the test fails, upgrade your browser or install the latest version of a supported browser and try again.

Client connection

Optimal result: Passed

This test checks whether your network allows connections to Skytap.

If this test fails, your network connection may be blocked by a firewall rule or other restriction. Work with your network administrator to make sure that you have access to the port ranges and IP addresses required for browser-based access to Skytap VMs.


Optimal result: Less than 150 ms

< 50 ms       (Low)

This is the best result. You shouldn’t experience latency-related performance issues.

51-150 ms (Medium)

You can still use Skytap VMs in this region, but you may experience occasional performance issues. For the best experience, see Improving performance during a browser client session.

151-200 ms (High)


> 200 ms     (Very high)

You may be able to use Skytap VMs in this region, but you will likely experience frequent performance issues. To try to improve your latency, see My network has high latency to Skytap. What can I do?

The test times out if the connection takes more than 20 seconds to complete. Generally, this indicates very high latency.

Detailed results

The Connectivity Checker also provides text-based results with additional information, including browser, browser version, and your user agent string.

Connectivity Checker detailed results example

Troubleshooting other types of connections

If you’re trying to connect to a published service on the VM (for example, using direct RDP or SSH), see Accessing VMs with published services instead.

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