My network has high latency to Skytap. What can I do?

If your Connectivity Checker or Speedtest results indicate that there is a high latency between your network and Skytap, try one or more of the following steps and then retry the test.

  • Low latency is between 0-50 ms. This is the best result. You shouldn’t experience latency-related performance issues.
  • Medium latency is between 51-150 ms. You can still use Skytap VMs in this region, but you may experience occasional performance issues. For the best experience, see Improving performance during a browser client session.
  • High latency is latency greater than 150 ms. Use the steps in this document to reduce your latency.

For a detailed description of all of your Speedtest or Connectivity Checker results, see Connectivity Checker: Interpreting results or Speedtest: Interpreting results.

To resolve latency issues, try one or more of these steps first…

  • Close any browser tabs or applications that may be using a lot of bandwidth (like video streaming, audio streaming, Voice Over IP services, or web conferences).
  • If you’re close to the latency requirement, try using the VM with a Chrome browser. You should also adjust the display quality setting to its lowest value. For more information, see Improving performance during a browser client session.
  • If you’re connecting via a mobile service or mobile hotspot, try connecting to a different Internet service (like the WiFi Internet service at a coffee shop).
  • If you’re using WiFi to connect to the network, try connecting via a wired Ethernet cable instead.
  • If you’re using a VPN client, disable it. The direct connection may provide better performance.
  • Try the test from a different physical location, such as home or a different office. For example, if you’re on a hotel WiFi network, try connecting from a coffee shop instead.

If you’re still experiencing high latency…

It’s possible that you’re too far from the data center, or there is an issue with your network.

  • Work with your Skytap administrator or the person who you provided access. There may be an opportunity to move the VM to a region that is closer to you.

    This requires access to a Skytap account with multiple regions enabled.

  • If you’re on a corporate network:

    Work with your network administrator or internal help desk to run a traceroute network test and identify potential issues on the network. For instructions, see Checking the network traffic path.