Known issues for Power VMs in Skytap

Updated for May, 2018

The following issues may affect your Power VM experience:


Power VM stuck in “shutdown” state

Description – If you shut down a Power A CPU architecture that supports IBM i, AIX, and Linux (on Power) in Skytap. VM from the Environment Details page before it has completed startup, it may get stuck in the “shutting down” state.

If you started a Power VM in SMS, maintenance mode, or other non-standard mode, the VM may not respond to auto-shutdown or API runstate requests.

Solution – Manually shut down the OS.

  1. Click on the VM tile in the Environment Details page to connect to the Power VM using the SRA client.

    launch VM

  2. Sign in to the OS.
  3. In the SRA client view, type shutdown, and then press Enter to shut down the AIX guest OS.

Backspace and Delete keys don’t work for an AIX VM in the SRA client

Description – The Backspace and Delete keys don’t function as expected in ksh, the default shell in AIX.


  • Use Ctrl+H instead of Backspace


  • Use bash.

    To use bash, from the shell, type chsh [username] bash.

An ISO can’t be ejected from a Power VM

Description – Power VMs have no eject mechanism for an attached ISO.

Solution – Shut down the Power VM and restart it. After the VM has restarted, load a different ISO.

Hardware for an AIX VM can be configured incorrectly

Description – The Skytap interface lets you set VM memory to a lower value than Power VMs support.

Solution – For AIX VMs, the minimum supported memory is 2048 MB. For Linux on Power VMs, the minimum supported memory is 1024 MB.

  1. Click settings (Settings).

    VM settings

  2. The VM Settings page displays. Click the Hardware tab.


  3. In the RAM field, type a value of 2048 or higher.
  4. Click Save.

Accessing the Skytap shared drive from AIX

Description – The shared drive isn’t automatically mounted to the AIX file system.

Solution – Manually mount the shared drive from the shell with the following commands:

mkdir  /mnt/shared_drive
mount -v cifs -n gw/guest /shared /mnt/shared_drive

Accessing the CD-ROM drive from a Linux on Power VM

Description – The virtual CD-ROM drive may not be automatically mounted to the Linux VM.

Solution – Manually mount the CD-ROM drive from the shell with the following commands:

mkdir /media/cdrom
mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom

Large file transfers stall for old AIX templates

Description – For older versions of the AIX VM templates, TCP/IP settings were configured by DHCP. MTU and MTU bypass settings would be deleted, which caused slow file transfers.

Solution – Download the latest version of the templates.

If you’re already using older versions of the templates in a test environment, you must manually configure TCP/IP settings in the guest OS to add the AIX VM to the environment network.

Other issues

For further assistance or to report an issue, see Skytap Support.