Using Skytap for training classes

Skytap provides several options for creating and managing virtual training lab environments:

Use native Skytap features to create lab environments

Use Skytap’s built-in features like templates, schedules, and sharing portals to create, manage, and share lab environments.

For guidance, see our best practice articles:

Use Course Manager to automate lab delivery

Course Manager by Skytap is an add-on product for virtual training customers. It has a dedicated web interface for:

  • Automatically provisioning, running, and deleting lab environments based on class schedules you define.
  • Performing the bulk operations needed to create multiple lab environments from the same template and add student access.
  • Reusing the same template, VM permissions, and custom content settings for multiple classes.

Add Skytap lab environments to your LMS

Build your own integration with our robust REST API.