Creating an AIX VM in Skytap from a mksysb image

This article describes how to create a Skytap AIX VM from a mksysb image that you created from another Skytap AIX VM or from an on-premesis AIX LPAR that you then uploaded to Skytap.


Step 1 – Create an environment from a NIM master template

The mksysb restore process requires a Skytap NIM master VM.

Create an environment from the Skytap NIM master template. See Creating an environment from a template.

Step 2 – Restore the mksysb image in Skytap

Start the NIM master environments

On the Skytap NIM master:

  1. Make sure that /etc/hosts on both the NIM master and the client include the IP address and fully qualified domain name for both the NIM master and the client.
  2. Run smit nim.
  3. Select Perform NIM Software Installation and Maintenance Tasks > Install and Update Software > Install the Base Operating System on Standalone Clients.
  4. Select mksysb - Install from a mksysb.
  5. Select the mksysb you created in Create mksysb of Client.
  6. Select the SPOT you created in Create mksysb of Client.
  7. Accept default values.
  8. Exit SMIT, and then run lsnim -l [client name] to check the status of the restore process.

For more information about using mksysb to restore a system backup, see Restoring an AIX system backup from a CD or DVD.