Using Docker containers in Skytap

Containers are a key technology used to modernize traditional applications. Use containers to scale applications and to increase the velocity of the delivery pipeline.

With containers in Skytap, you can:

  • Use containers side by side with traditional, non-containerized components.
  • Have control over the container host VM, including the choice of Linux distribution.
  • Use standard Docker tooling.
  • Manage containers and container hosts from the Skytap web interface.
  • Easily migrate containers between Skytap and your on-premises environments.

Containers are supported only on Docker-capable Linux VMs.

containers conceptual diagram

Containers running side-by-side with a traditional application stack – all in a Skytap environment

Using containers

You can enable Skytap VMs as container hosts, add, edit, and manage containers to the container host VMs, and manage container registries.

Create and manage container hosts and registries
Create and manage containers
View container information


To learn more about using container hosts in Skytap, see Getting started with containers in Skytap.