Applying PTFs to an IBM i VM in Skytap

IBM releases periodically release many types of fixes or PTFs. Skytap regularly updates public templates with the following:

  • High-impact pervasive (HIPER) PTF
  • Cumulative PTF Packages
  • Technical Refresh

PTFs required for IBM i licensing

IBM i VMs must have the following PTFs applied for IBM i license installation to succeed:

  • IBM i 7.2 – SI71091
  • IBM i 7.3 – SI69686, MF99207
  • IBM i 7.4 – SI70544, MF99301

Request PTFs electronically using SNDPTFORD

This is the simplest and most reliable method to download and apply PTFs onto Skytap LPARs.

To order a cumulative PTF package with the SNDPTFORD command
  1. Type either SNDPTFORD *CUMPKG or SNDPTFORD SF99VRM, where VRM is the version, release, and modification level of your licensed program. For example, for version 7 release 2 modification 0, type SNDPTFORD SF99720.
  2. Verify the shipping information on the Verify Contact Information display, and then press Enter.
  3. Select option 1 (Send service request now) on the Select Reporting Option page to place the fix order.

    For more information about ordering PTFs see Ordering fixes

To install a cumulative PTF package from a physical or virtual device

Read the installation instructions thoroughly and follow the instructions contained in it.

  1. Type GO PTF from any command line.
  2. Select option 8 (Install program temporary fix package) and press Enter. The Install Options for Program Temporary Fixes page displays.

    1. For the DEVICE option, choose *SERVICE.
    2. If you want to automatically IPL your system after loading the fixes, type Y (Yes) in the Automatic IPL field.
    3. If you are not using an image catalog and have additional fixes to install at this time, type 2 (Multiple PTF volume sets) in the Prompt for media field, and install the additional fixes.
    4. Type Y for Other options. The Other Install Options page displays.
    5. Type 1 for Apply Type.
    6. Type 1 for the PTF type.


If you prefer, you can use Skytap contact information for `SNDPTFORD`.

ContactIBM i User
Address 1255 S King St
Address 2Ste 800
Postal/Zip code98104