Troubleshooting my connection to a published service

If you’re unable to connect to a VM over the published service, confirm that:

  • The VM is running. You can’t connect to a published service on a VM that is suspended or shut down.
  • You are accessing the VM via the published service URL and higher-range port number assigned by Skytap (example:
  • The expected service is running. For example, if you’re trying to connect to a web site hosted on the VM, access the VM using the another access method (for example, the SRA browser client) and use the command line or another application to check that the expected service (Apache, nginx, etc.) is running.
  • The service is running on the correct port number. Make sure the service is listening on the internal port number you specified when creating the published service (not the higher-range, external port number assigned by Skytap). For example, if you’re connecting to a published service that uses internal port 8080, confirm that your service is listening on port 8080.
  • The guest operating system firewall isn’t blocking the connection.
  • Your corporate or home firewall isn’t blocking the connection. Some firewalls may be configured to block high-range port numbers. For more information about the IP addresses and port range numbers that should be added to an allowlist, see the Published services section of What IP addresses and port ranges does Skytap use?