Skytap public templates

Skytap provides a variety of public templates stored in the Templates library. These templates are designed to help you quickly build new environments, add VMs to existing environments, and test new technologies in Skytap. There are hundreds of public templates, including:

  • VMs with empty disks that you can use to mount your own ISOs.
  • VMs with pre-installed operating systems (Ubuntu, Windows Server, AIX, etc.) and tools (VMware Tools, Skytap Helper, etc.).

Periodically, Skytap removes public templates of operating systems that are no longer supported by their manufacturer. If you rely on a public template, we recommend that you store a copy of the template in your company template library.


Accessing the public templates

To access the Skytap public templates
  1. In the navigation bar, click Environments > Templates. Templates list

  2. Click the Skytap tab in the left column to display the public templates. Templates list

    If the Skytap tab isn’t visible, your administrator may have restricted your access to public templates. Please contact your primary administrator for further information.

  3. After loading the list, use the filter and search tools in the left column to locate specific templates. For example, you can use the Region filter to display the public templates available in the EMEA region.

    Don’t see a template you want to try?

  4. Click New Environment next to the public template you want to work with.
  5. In the Deploy a new environment dialog window, provide a name for the environment and click Deploy. Skytap creates a working copy of the environment based on the public template.

After Skytap creates the environment, you can begin interacting with it.

Adding VMs from a public template to an existing environment

To add one or more VMs from a public template to an existing environment, follow the instructions at Adding VMs to an environment

Available operating systems

Skytap provides templates for the following operating systems:

x86 Power
Windows IBM i
Ubuntu AIX
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Ubuntu

IBM i public templates include a licensing script that is required for all IBM i instances. Don’t delete this script.