Installing Precisely Assure MIMIX™ Software on Skytap VMs

The Precisely Assure MIMIX™ Software package supports the following IBM i OS release levels (note the Technology Refresh level as well):

  • 7.5 Base release
  • 7.4 TR 5
  • 7.3 TR 11

7.2 and older levels aren’t supported.


Review the System values required for installing.

Enable both partitions for Skytap HA/DR support.

Use high-power user profiles on both the local and remote systems to install Assure MIMIX™ Software.

The *SECOFR user profile has the required permissions.

Apply current recommended PTFs to both VMs.

The Assure MIMIX™ Software installation process automatically runs the included version of CHKIBMPTF on both Skytap VMs—local and remote—and notes any missing PTFs.

The version of CHKIBMPTF included with the installer may not be the most current version. We strongly recommended that you download and run the most recent stand-alone version.

Step 2 – Install Precisely Assure MIMIX™ Software

Every Assure MIMIX™ Software installation requires both a local Skytap VM and a remote Skytap VM. The local system can be the production system, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have an existing Assure MIMIX™ Software installation and configuration, the configuration must reside on the primary system. You don’t need to manually download the Assure MIMIX™ Software installer.

To start the installer

  1. Type STRTCPSVR *REXEC and press Enter to start the REXEC server.
  2. Type STRTCPSVR *FTP and press Enter to start the FTP server.

On the local install system:

  1. Sign in using a high-power profile (as described in Prerequisites).
  2. Type CALL QCMD and press Enter.
  3. Press F11 to expand the command input to full screen.
  4. Type CHGJOB CCSID(37) and press Enter to change the CCSID of the job to 37.
  5. Copy the following command, paste it to the command window, and then press Enter:
Runsql Commit(*NONE)
/*  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  */
/*  ++++             BE SURE JOB IS USING CCSID 37.              ++++  */
/*  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  */
Declare c Clob(2g) CCSID 1208;  SET C = REPEAT(ux''0020'', 690000000); 
Call Qcmdexc(
  ''QSH CMD(''''rm -rf /qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/inscfgmmx.file'''')'');
Call QSYS2.IFS_WRITE_BINARY(''/qsys.lib/qgpl.lib/inscfgmmx.file'', 
line => BASE64_DECODE( TRIM(T UX''000D'' FROM TRIM(T UX''000A'' 
FROM C))), file_ccsid=>37,overwrite=>''REPLACE''); SET C = '''';

This command downloads the main installer from the Skytap repository. After a short delay, the INSCFGMMX command displays:

  • If Assure MIMIX™ Software isn’t installed, you’ll see the default values.
  • If Assure MIMIX™ Software is already installed, type the name of the Assure MIMIX™ Software installation library and press Enter. The installer uses the values from the existing configuration.
  • Provide the required values and press Enter.

    Press F1 to see the available help.

                    Install and Configure MIMIX (INSCFGMMX)
Type choices, press Enter.
Installation library . . . . . . > MIMIX         Name
Local node information:
  System def. name for MIMIX . . LPAR1         Name
  Role for replication . . . . . *PRIMARY      *PRIMARY, *BACKUP, *SAME
  Host name or address . . . . . *NODE
  Port number or alias . . . . . 50410
Remote node information:
  System def. name for MIMIX . . LPAR2         Name
  Role for replication . . . . . *BACKUP       *PRIMARY, *BACKUP, *SAME
  Host name or address . . . . . *NODE
  Port number or alias . . . . . 50410
  User profile . . . . . . . . . *CURRENT      Character value, *CURRENT
  Password . . . . . . . . . . . ________
Product-level sec. additions:   _
  User profile . . . . . . . .   *NONE         *NONE, Name
  MIMIX PLS level. . . . . . .   _____         *OPR, *DSP, *MGT, *ADM...
  Lic Mgr. PLS level . . . . .   _____         *NONE, *DSP, *OPR, *MGT...
             + for more values _
System to start AUI server . .   *NONE         *NONE, *ALL

F3=Exit  F4=Prompt  F5=Refresh  F12=Cancel  F13=How to use this display

Assure MIMIX™ Software is installed on the remote system first. Information displays on the local system about how to find the job where this occurs.

After Assure MIMIX™ Software is successfully installed on the remote system, installation begins on the local system. Status messages display at the bottom of the screen during this process.

The installation process may take several minutes depending upon the available resources on both systems.

When the installation is complete on both systems, the Assure MIMIX™ Software system managers start. You can use the Assure MIMIX™ Software WRKSYS command to verify the status of the system managers.

If you requested it on the INSCFGMMX prompt, the AUI VSP servers start.

The AUI servers may take a few minutes until they are ready to accept connections.

Next steps

Transferred Assure MIMIX™ Software configuration

For a transferred Assure MIMIX™ Software configuration, carefully consider the appropriate points within journals where replication should be restarted.

New Assure MIMIX™ Software configuration

If this is a new Assure MIMIX™ Software installation, the installation process automatically creates an initial configuration based on system replication best practices. You may need to create additional replication configurations as appropriate. See the Assure MIMIX™ Software product documentation or engage a certified Precisely Assure MIMIX™ Software consultant.

Connecting to Assure Unified Interface (AUI) with a browser

After the Assure Unified Interface (AUI) server is running, you can use a web browser to view the AUI server at: https://<hostname>:8410. You’ll need to add a portal connection to access the Assure MIMIX™ Software installation. See the Before configuring from the Assure UI portal for more details about using the AUI.

Getting more help

Assure MIMIX™ Software documentation

Assure MIMIX™ Software product documentation.

The Skytap-specific information provided by this document supersedes some information in the general Assure MIMIX™ Software documentation set.