Getting started with containers in Skytap

In Skytap, you can add container hosts and run containers as part of an environment.

Containers are supported only on Docker-capable Linux VMs.

Creating a container host in Skytap

Before you can use containers in Skytap, you must create a container host VM. A container host is a specially activated Skytap Linux VM with Docker and the Skytap VM Agent installed.

For instructions about creating a container host, see Creating a container host in Skytap.

Adding containers to a container host

You can add containers to your container host from registries that your administrator defines.

For instructions about adding containers, see Adding containers to a container host.

Managing containers in Skytap

You can change the run state of each container individually, view details about each container, rename containers, view container logs, and delete containers.

For more information about managing containers, see Managing individual containers in Skytap.