Containers: Known issues

Issue Description Workaround
You can’t commission a VM as a container host if its environment was created before August 15, 2016. You must reset the network connection before the Skytap VM Agent can enable communication between Skytap and the Docker daemon on the container host VM. Suspend and then resume the environment. You can do this before or after you commission container hosts in the environment.
An AgentNotConnected error displays when multiple containers are selected. When multiple containers are selected, the VM Agent may strain the container host system resources and the connection may fail. Increase the RAM and number of CPU cores for the VM.
An OperationNotSupported error displays when multiple containers are selected. When containers in different states are selected and you click one of the action buttons, an error displays on containers for which the action isn’t applicable. Select only containers that are in the same state.
Values may persist on the Add container page after you add a container. When you click the browser back button after you add a container, the Add container page displays the values you entered for the previous container. Don’t use the browser back button to add more containers. Instead, click the All containers link under the navigation bar, and then click the VMs tab.