Locking environments

Skytap includes the ability to lock environments.

  • Prevent the accidental deletion of critical environments.
  • Prevent power-state changes to critical environments.
  • Prevent network or hardware changes to critical environments.

When an environment is locked, the following activities are prevented:

  • Deleting and copying environments.
  • Saving environments as templates.
  • Changing power state (run, suspend, shut down), including from the SRA client and Sharing Portals.
  • Adding, deleting, or changing VMs.
  • Adding, deleting, changing, connecting to, or disconnecting from networks.
  • Connecting, disconnecting, enabling, disabling, deleting, attaching to or detaching from WANs.
  • Releasing or detaching Public IP addresses.
  • Deleting label categories.

Only the environment owner or an administrator can lock or unlock an environment.

To lock an environment
  1. Click Lock. The Lock Environment dialog displays.

    lock environment

  2. In the Lock Environment dialog, optionally type a Reason for locking the environment, and then click Lock environment.

    lock dialog

To unlock an environment
  1. Click Unlock. The Unlock Environment dialog displays.

    lock environment

  2. In the Unlock Environment dialog, click Unlock environment.

    lock dialog