Creating an environment

There are several ways to create a virtual environment in Skytap:

  • To quickly set up a new environment, create an environment from a public template or a template that has been shared with you. Skytap public templates provide common operating systems and applications that are ready to run. For instructions, see Creating an environment from a template.
  • If you already have an environment in your account, you can quickly clone it to create a separate copy. For instructions, see Copying an environment.
  • To import your own virtual machine into Skytap, see Importing VMs into Skytap.
  • To build your own virtual machine using an ISO image, see Building a VM from an ISO.

Once you’ve created an environment, you can customize it by adding and deleting VMs, editing the VMs, or modifying the networks.

Environment names are limited to 254 Unicode characters.